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Comprehensive P&C with Tim ONeill

Comprehensive P&C with Tim ONeill

About This Course

Finally! An online Texas Property and Casualty Course that makes sense. The other online Texas Property and Casualty Courses lead to only two results: confusion, and the need to take a new course.

The problem is very simple. The other Property and Casualty Licensing courses actually say this, "We don't teach you anything about insurance, we just teach you what's on the test" CMON! How are you supposed to pass a 150 question exam ABOUT INSURANCE if they are not going to teach you about insurance???

Here you will find an academic course that will teach you from the ground up You will learn about insurance, because that is how you pass the Texas General Lines Property and Casualty exam. This is not a cram course, this is an academic experience that you will enjoy!

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