7 Tips to Pass Your Exam on The First Attempt Download Free Ebook

7 Tips to Pass Your Exam on The First Attempt Download Free Ebook

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Houston All Lines Adjuster and/or Public Adjuster 4-day

Houston All Lines Adjuster and/or Public Adjuster 4-day


The Texas All Lines Adjuster and Public Adjuster Licenses are the ones to have!

OK, here is the information you need to have if you are thinking about getting into claims adjusting.

You need to have a license - we help you with that. We are focused on the academic side of the process.
You need to know how to read and understand a policy.
You need to be able to determine if there is coverage or not.
You need to sound like an insurance professional.

We can give you all of that with our course. We are the best and most cost-effective option there is. Period.

See a sample video of our course here

You also need to decide if you will focus on Homeowner's Claims, Auto Body Damage Claims, or the Medical Aspects of Claims - car accident injuries and Workers Comp, for example. Most adjusters specialize, but you can do all three disciplines if you have the skills. One license is all you need, and that is the All Lines Adjuster License, or the Public Adjuster License if that is where you are headed.

We are a school focused on getting you the license; we do not offer training on "how to be an adjuster". There are many places to learn the basics of claims adjusting. You can attend an expensive week-long course, or you can watch it all for free on YouTube. If you are going to be a Homeowner's adjuster, you will need to learn how to use EXACTIMATE. The Exactimate people have training on how to use the program - you don't need to pay someone else to teach you how to use it. (There is an investment involved in buying and learning Exactimate, no way around it.)

So, if you want a legitimate, academic course to get you on your way to holding your Texas All Lines Adjuster License, or your Texas Public Adjuster License, let's get busy. Our course will get you ready to pass the state exam for your Texas All Lines Adjuster License and/or the Texas Public Adjuster License. You can attend class in person, or via Zoom Webinar, or you can do our video course at your own pace.


Class Time Schedule

Date Day Start Time End Time
2022-05-23 Monday 1:00 pm 4:00 pm
2022-05-24 Tuesday 1:00 pm 4:00 pm
2022-05-25 Wednesday 1:00 pm 4:00 pm
2022-05-26 Thursday 1:00 pm 4:00 pm
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