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These online insurance licensing courses are waiting for you whenever you want to get started. Our innovative programs will provide you with everything you need to pass your exam on your first attempt!

Study 24/7 with the Interactive Learning Portal. Access streamlined exam-specific content and reinforce your new knowledge through multiple quizzes and simulated exams. Our training platform provides comprehensive and effective study materials that closely follow exam guidelines published by the department of insurance.

Our study materials help you understand the insurance industry and easily comprehend complex topics, to gain the knowledge and experience needed to pass your exam.

Each of our training programs are uniquely designed to prepare you for your specific exam, and covers only the information you need to pass – Guaranteed.

With each course, you receive the following key features:

  • Online Course
  • Study by Topic
  • Chapter Quizzes and Practice Questions
  • OnDemand Videos
  • Simulated Exams
  • Our Guarantee

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Frequency Asked Questions

Our online insurance classes are educational courses that cover various aspects of the insurance exams and related topics. These classes are delivered over the internet and are designed to help individuals gain knowledge and skills in preparation for licensing exams or to advance their careers in the field.

Online insurance classes offer several advantages, including flexibility in scheduling, accessibility from anywhere with an internet connection, and the ability to learn at your own pace. They provide essential knowledge required for our students to prepare them for their licensing exams.

Online insurance classes cover a wide range of topics, including insurance fundamentals, underwriting, risk management, insurance laws and regulations, ethics, customer service, and specific types of insurance like life, health, property, and casualty insurance. Our courses contain test-specific content designed for you to be able to pass your exam the first time.

Online insurance classes cater to anyone looking to enter the insurance industry seeking to expand their knowledge and pass their exam on the first attempt or meet continuing education requirements.

Texas doesn’t have any hour requirements, nor do you need a certificate to take your exam. Most of our students spend between 20-25 hours in the online course before they schedule their exam.

Texas is not a "Certificate" state. You can prepare for your exam in any way you choose. TITA has been in business for almost 13 years and has a 90% pass ratio for our first time test-takers.

Yes, many online insurance classes offer opportunities for interaction. This can include discussion forums, live webinars, email communication with instructors, and sometimes even virtual group projects. Interaction can enhance your learning experience and allow you to ask questions and seek clarification.

Pre-licensing courses in Texas do not count towards your required Continuing Education credits. Also, Texas is not a "Certificate" state where you would be required to complete a certain number of hours and receive a certificate before you take your exam.

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